Office tables and conference room tables
Tables are a necessity in any office, large or small. Todays tables are versatile and functional, and are equipped to handle the changing technology and evolving work styles of the modern workplace. We offer hundreds of design styles and options from all of the manufacturers.

We'll help you choose the right table for the right application:

  • Conference and Collaboration Tables
    Conference, or boardroom tables, have come a long way since the old days. Todays tables run the gamut of style and functionality. This new breed of conference table recognizes a key fact: the boardroom is where many of the most important business decisions are made day after day. From reconfigurable meeting room tables, to wire management, to power hubs and multimedia, these tables are built to impress and make a lasting contribution to any office setting.

  • Meeting and Group Work Tables
    Durable and diverse, meeting and group work tables can handle any task you throw at them, from small group brainstorming and strategy sessions to sitting down at the cafeteria for lunch. With hundreds of combinations of bases, laminates and edging to choose from, meeting and group work tables serve as a useful compliment to any office environment.

  • Folding Tables
    Folding tables are an easy and reusable solution for extra space when the need arises, from unforseen office expansions to banquets and parties. Easy storage and transporation makes them handy to keep around. Feigus offers quite a few different models, take a look below.


We carry a full range of products from top manufacturers, including:

    • Alera
    • Basyx
    • Barricks
    • OSP Furniture
      • OSP Pace Modular Series
      • OSP Intelligent Table
      • OSP Conference Tables
      • OSP Nestable Training Tables
      • OSP Designs Brighton Collection
      • OSP Designs Merlot Collection
    • Lester Furniture
      • Lester Conference Tables
      • Lester Training Tables
      • Lester Folding Tables
    • Global
      • Global Alba
      • Global Bungee SL
      • Global Bungee Tables
      • Global Citi
      • Global Connectables
      • Global Correlation
      • Global Junction
      • Global Laminate Boardroom Tables
      • Global Lufton
      • Global Nutcracker
      • Global Zira
    • Lesro
      • Lesro Amherst Series
      • Lesro Hartford Occasional Table Series
      • Lesro Contemporary Glass Top Tables
      • Lesro Steel Drafting Tables
    • ABCO Office Furniture
      • ABCO Working Table Series
      • ABCO CCFL Series
      • ABCO Round TRX Base Tables
      • ABCO OCB Racertrack Series
      • ABCO Boatshape TBS Series
      • ABCO TRT Rectangle Series
      • ABCO Traditional Conference Tables
      • ABCO Square & Round Table Tops
    • Knoll
      • Knoll LSM Conference Table Series
      • Knoll Propeller® Conference Tables
      • Knoll Propeller® Training Tables
      • Knoll Dividends Horizon® Conference Tables
      • Knoll Pascal Tables
      • Knoll Currents Tables
      • Knoll Upstart Tables
      • Knoll Interaction Tables
    • Candex
      • Candex Table Tops
    • Office Star
      • Office Star Lightweight Folding Table Series
    • AVE Six
      • AVE Six Wall Street Occasional Tables

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