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GSA Advantage

Feigus Office Furniture is an active contractor within the GSA Advantage program and is certified for Federal, State and Local government contracts through the Cooperative Purchasing Program and the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program with the following credentials:

Contract #: GS-28F-028AA

Feigus Office Furniture - GSA Advantage contract number GS-28F-028AA

View our GSA listing and download our catalog by visiting this link and clicking the PDF button to the right: https://www.gsaadvantage.gov/advantage/contractor/contractor_detail.do?mapName=/s/search/&contractNumber=GS-28F-028AA

State & Local Government and GSA

Feigus is proud to be a partner to state and local governments in the Tri-State area for over 30 years. Our longstanding relationships with manufacturers and procurement officials enable us to offer the top office furniture brands at the best prices. Feigus holds numerous contracts for GSA, Vendor of Record, Air Force BPA, Navy BPA, and Supply Arrangements. Our design team works hand in hand with government organizations to create spaces that reflect the character of the institution and encourage collaboration and flexibility and enhance public service.

Federal Government and GSA

Leveraging our relationships with manufacturers and service providers, Feigus has been providing full service solutions to the federal government for the better part of thirty years. Through our government package contract, Feigus is able to serve as a single point of contact for vendor, purchase orders, invoices and full service design and installation.


Featured Clients:

Our work with the US Navy at Earle Naval Warfare Center goes back nearly two decades.
Feigus has been providing the US Army and Navy bases at Fort Dix with top-of-the-line service and supplies since 2003. 


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